Owners of Can-Ice Meet with DU and Roughriders Coaching Staffs

Owners of Can-Ice synthetic ice,  Danny Gare and Mike McGraw, took sometime out of their busy schedules prior to the holidays to meet with the Jim Montgomery and his coaching staff at Denver University and as well as Paul Depuydt, Head coach of the Superior Roughrider of the WSHL to discuss the benefits for training and practice Can-Ice provides.

"We at Can- Ice want to help grow the game and allow players of all ages to experience the benefits of our product. It was great to meet with Jim and Paul and their staffs, and discuss our product and our company's goal of growing the game we all love!" stated Gare.

"We believe our ice is the closest thing to real ice and we want to talk to hockey people about it because we are hockey people. We also believe that once players try our ice they will be sold! We have had several ex-NHL players tell us it is the best synthetic ice they have skated on." Gare also stated.

Can-Ice has developed a premium ice product and has been recognized as the 'Official Supplier" of synthetic ice to Hockey Canada and is pursuing a similar agreement with USA Hockey.