CAN-ICE® is a synthetic ice surface that looks, feels and performs just like real ice, indoors and out. Endorsed by Hockey Canada, CAN-ICE® synthetic ice is perfect for any hockey player or figure skater looking to be the best they can be, and have fun doing it.

CAN-ICE® synthetic ice harkens back to bygone days when the best hockey players became the best playing the game endlessly on frozen ponds, outdoor parish rinks and iced over sloughs. Under crisp blue skies or the ghostly shadows thrown by antiquated lights, kids played shinny… every game for the Stanley Cup, every game in overtime. And in doing so, they unknowingly practiced their stick-handling, their dekes, their shots, their skating. And it was all for fun.

That’s the idea behind CAN-ICE®. CAN-ICE® gives young players and skaters a synthetic ice surface on which to play and practice 365 days a year. In these days of expensive and scarce ice-time, with CAN-ICE® synthetic ice, kids can just lace up the skates and go… anytime they want.

Hockey Canada is endorsing CAN-ICE® as our official supplier of synthetic ice. CAN-ICE® can provide the young hockey player with a 12 month solution to develop their skating, puck control and shooting skills in the comfort of their homes, without the maintenance of an outdoor rink.
— Paul Carson, Vice President of Development for Hockey Canada
We are excited to announce a partnership with CAN-ICE North America. We share similar missions in engaging and developing the next generation of young hockey enthusiast in the great state of Colorado. CAN-ICE synthetic ice surface provides a 12 month solution for kids to develop all the skills it takes to become a National Champion!
— Brad Ferrell, General Manager of Denver Sports Properties

Dear Hockey enthusiast,


I wanted to update and share with you our new, game-changing, Can-Ice product!

These videos were shot on July 21st at Old Bridge, New Jersey. I'm skating on the very first synthetic ice rink in the United States!  You can see this product is revolutionary. I’ve been in this business for over six years and have skated on many synthetic surfaces, and finally - through technology and expert polymer engineers - we are excited and thrilled with this new Can-Ice product!

I have always felt it’s all about the glide!!! As you can see by the videos it has SUPERIOR GLIDE.

This is the ultimate development product to improve skating, passing, shooting and stickhandling.  And as an added bonus, it’s easy to assemble, maintain and ready to skate on! 

We will let you know when the new Can-Ice is ready to order!

Yours in Hockey,
Danny Gare