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Why Can-Ice?

At Can-ice we believe in the pure joy of skating & the great game of hockey! 

Imagine being able to jump on the ice anytime you want for as long as you want!

unlimited ice time.....unlimited have fun and to get better!  

there is a fresh sheet of ice waiting for you!


Can-Ice provides the ultimate in performance available today from a synthetic ice surface.  Our design goal was simple yet challenging - create a surface that looked like real ice....performed like real ice....skated like real ice and provided puck response like real ice.

Synthetic ice has been around for decades yet has not gained widespread acceptance or come into everyday use due to poor product performance. Our evaluation of existing products resulted in disappointment with the skating experience, puck response, ease of installation and ongoing maintenance requirements. Most systems are “cutting board” materials re-purposed and called a “synthetic ice” system! Many require “glide enhancers” and or “special cleaning solutions” as well as “flake or shed” from use (creating more maintenance and potential damage to HVAC systems) So, we set out to create a product that performs like real ice - that's Can-Ice. 

Access to ice time is always a challenge. Weather and seasonality limit the availability of natural ice outdoors while the capital expenditure and monthly operating costs make indoor rinks in seemingly short supply and high prices to access.

Can-Ice is the official synthetic ice provider to HOCKEY CANADA.  We share the passion to enhance the game and grow the sport. Can-Ice provides the ultimate skating and puck handling experience. Easy to install and break down.  Easy to maintain. 

Our team of experts shares your passion for hockey.  Our experience is in the game at the highest levels as well as the sports surfacing business for over 40 years. Our goal is to support your research into the best product and value for your investment in your family or facility.  Please contact us today and let us know where you want to go on your "fresh sheet of ice"!

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Recent  Can-Ice Demo rink showing the real ice glide factor with puck and skate blade.